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Who knows what this stuff is? - The Dead Sea Scrolls
Library of the Qumran Sectarians?
Who knows what this stuff is?
A couple of days ago, as I was scrambling in the area of the caves north of Khirbet Qumran (immediately to the west of Kalia kibbutz), I discovered that some of them contained a number of strange symbols, small black circles, and graffiti supposed to be in paleo-Hebrew. All of them were kind of tidy, not something one would charactreize as regular vandlism. When I walked a couple of hundred meters to the north from the caves, in one of the side wadis I discovered this "masterpiece" (the photo is clickable):

I suspect this stuff was done by some weird sect or something of the kind. Does anybody have a clue who did it, and for what purpose?
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apollinaris From: apollinaris Date: March 8th, 2010 03:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
I don't know, though I will look around and also see if I can make anything of the graffiti. No doubt it means a lot to those who did this.
You are lucky in a way - my concern is sheer vandalism, but I am in Britain, where destructive behaviour is quite normal.
Best regards,
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